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About the Center

The Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine was established in 2008 in order to take stem cell medical transplantation forward and to develop effective therapeutic modalities by integrating basic research on stem cells at the Research Center and successful state-of-the-art performance such as cord blood transplantation at the General Hospital. The Center has 8 laboratories varying in emphasis from basic research to clinical research. Each laboratory interacts effectively with every other. To support our research, we have FACS Core Laboratory and Stem Cell Bank.

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List of Research Divisions
Division of Stem Cell Therapy
Division of Stem Cell Processing
Division of Stem Cell Transplantation
Division of Stem Cell Signaling
Division of Stem Cell Dynamics
Division of Stem Cell Cellomics
Project Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology
Project Division of Advanced Regenerative Medicine
Stem Cell Bank
FACS Core Laboratory
  • Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo
  • The University of Tokyo

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